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The State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania (SPB) in co-operation with the European Patent Office (EPO) marking 10th anniversary of Lithuania's accession to the European Patent Convention and 20 year anniversary of signing the first Co-operation Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Patent Organization organize regional conference entitled “Redefining Landscape for Patent Protection in Europe” which will take place on 9 October, 2014 in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Annual Review 2013 of the State Patent Bureau of Lithuania (SPB) with the latest statistics was published. It provides basic information on activities of the SPB in the field of legal protection of inventions, trademarks, designs.
Under the initiative of the Ministry of Justice and the State Patent Bureau and by the request of the Government Office of the Republic of Lithuania, the professional law partnership Baltic Legal Solutions Lietuva conducted a study entitled ‘Assessing the possibilities for the implementation of the jurisdiction of the Unified Patent Court in Lithuania: a comparison of local, regional and central divisions’.
In 2013 State Patent Bureau of Lithuania received 5865 applications for registration of industrial property objects, increased 26,7% over 2012, and 4 629 applications were received in 2011. It is worth to notice that for a couple of consecutive years the number of national patent fillings is growing.
Since today data of the design register of the Republic of Lithuania has been integrated into the Designview database. The State Patent Bureau becomes the twelfth national office to do so.
Please be informed that the integration of the State patent Bureau of Lithuania into the EU harmonized database of goods and services has been successfully completed.
President of the Office for Harmonization in Internal Market (OHIM) António Campinos attended a meeting with the representatives of Lithuanian Republic State Patent Bureau (SPB) during his visit to Vilnius on the 8th of October. Among main topics covered - technical cooperation and Lithuania’s participation in projects of Cooperation Fund including a discussion on Lithuania’s more active role in the activities of the Observatory at the OHIM as well on the participation in other enforcement of IPRs related projects. OHIM positively views performance of experts from national offices that have been deployed in OHIM – one of which is R. Barakauskiene, a senior expert of Trade marks Division of SPB.
Benoît Battistelli, President of the European Patent Office (EPO), met P. Austrevicius, Lithuanian Deputy Speaker, on the 9th of October. Discussions held during the meeting covered actualities of intellectual property protection and patent politics in fields of innovation and development. The European Unitary Patent system was another important issue discussed.
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